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We offer a pen testing service that is thorough and complete from start to finish, according to the highest requirements. All our consultants have experience in the cybersecurity industry and are certified professionals.

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With Proscope you get the best of all worlds: black box pentesting, gray box pentesting and vulnerability scanning to detect software bugs and vulnerabilities.

Use Proscope to scan your app, network or infrastructure for vulnerabilities. Unlike other companies, Proscope does not stop at finding vulnerabilities, but helps you further. We offer a pen testing service that is thorough and complete from start to finish. All our consultants have experience in the cybersecurity industry and are certified professionals.

DigiD pentesting is a service designed for highly secured environments such as banks and government agencies. DigiD pen tests require a full list of qualifications, including a high level of education and years of experience in the cybersecurity industry.

A pen test consists of several parts. We start with an intake interview with the client. During this intake interview, together with the client, we determine the research area (scope) of the pentest and we advise on the way in which we can work for your organization .be able to perform the most valuable pen test. It is important that it is clearly stated on paper what the purpose of the pen test is and what the exact scope is. Information from the client will be required to properly estimate the activities of the pentest. Based on the intake interview, a quote will be drawn up for the client. The quotation describes the assignment description, the scope, the pen test method and the time course. In addition, the general and specific requirements for the start of the pentest are listed. The contact details of the team, the rates and project costs are also described in the quotation. If we can come into contact with personal data, a processing agreement must also be offered by the client prior to the pen test.

After the quotation and the indemnity statement have been signed, the pen test will be scheduled in consultation with the client. We distinguish seven phases during a penetration test. These seven stages are:

Getting information
Organize information
Search for vulnerabilities
Test/confirm identified vulnerabilities
Determining the value of the compromised system

Een pentest met minimale informatieBlackbox pentest


Een pentest om ook de (web)applicatie van binnenuit te testeGreybox pentest


Why perform a Pentest?

Since May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect, which stipulates that personal data must be protected against leaks and misuse. Personal data can be protected by taking appropriate technical and organizational measures. A pen test is one of those appropriate measures because it provides insight into the risks and vulnerabilities of the investigated environments. It is also checked whether (company) sensitive information is properly secured. Based on the advice from a pen test, risks and vulnerabilities can be mitigated and an organization can take its security to a higher level. Having a pen test performed is a valuable assessment of the systems examined,

01Find vulnerabilities before cybercriminals do

A pen test is the best way to understand how vulnerable a company is and how it can be exploited. In a pen test, professionals anticipate and imitate the steps of cyber criminals in a controlled manner before they can find system/network weaknesses.

02Reduce network downtime

Downtime is expensive and in this case prevention is better than cure. With regular penetration testing, business continuity is easily manageable. If a pen test is performed regularly, you are aware of the current risks and this information is crucial for a business continuity plan.

03Regulatory compliance

From the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulation comes the recommendation to include regular testing to assess the resilience of applications and critical infrastructure. In some cases, companies risk fines for non-compliance. Penetration testing helps to comply with regulations.

04Protecting reputation and trust

Any security incident, especially the leakage of customer data, has a negative impact on an organization’s image and trust. If a company makes demonstrable use of penetration testing, this helps an organization to keep its brand value and customer trust intact.

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